Monday, March 17, 2014

Double Slice Quilt by Missouri Star Quilt Company

Have you all seen the demonstration for the "Double Slice" by Missouri Star Quilt Company?  Well if you haven't, you should take a look.  Here's the link --

I was able to finally finish my project and I love it.  It goes together so well, is a great beginner project, but would work well for anyone wanting to make something quick for a gift or for themselves.  I added a border to mine to make it a little more "lap friendly" meaning I wanted it a little larger to snuggle under.  The quilt measured approximately 55" x 62" before the border.  I used an additional 3/4 yard - 4 1/2" strips, and my completed project is 63" x 70". 

For my project I used the Honky Tonk layer cake -- and I could make a dozen or more because they are so fun and showcase your fabrics so well.

Of course, I was going to do a "step by step" for you, but I am having electronic photo difficulties -- which totally means I don't know what I'm doing and having trouble with photos .... 

So I will share with you what I do have and hope you can get the jist of it ...

Step 1:  Take your layer cake and cut a 3 1/2" strip off of one side of each 10" square.  That will leave you with a 6 1/2" x 10" piece remaining.  Cut all 42 of your layer cake squares in this manner.  Stack the pieces from top to bottom or the way they came in your square.  In the picture below, the 3 1/2" x 10" side is up and the 6 1/2" x 10" side is facing down so the bottom fabric shows in the picture -- it's just flipped over. 

Step 2:  Take a 3 1/2" strip and pair it with a 6 1/2" strip from the opposite side (pairing the rectangle that is right side up with the rectangle that is wrong side up).  You will continue doing this with all rectangles.  If you run into a snag where you have the same colors or your pattern is too busy just switch it out with something more desirable to your taste.  Once the pairs are matched up (believe me it's much funner than matching socks) sew them together.  You will have a block like the one pictured below.  You will want to sew your 84 slices together and you will once again have 42 squares although they won't really be square any longer.

 The next step is to cut the squares measuring across the 10" side in half, leaving you with two 5"slices (photo above0.  You will do the same thing with your piles, flip one side over and the other up and work from opposite ends to sew your blocks back together.  I don't have a photo of this because of my electronic difficulties, but as you can see from the blocks in the photo below you will switch sides, so you have a small rectangle on one end and a long rectangle on the other and the other side of your block is just opposite.  I hope I haven't lost you yet.  Play with your fabrics, look at the photo and you will know just what I mean!!  Once you have sewn your 84 pieces back together into 42 squares, you will lay them out in a manner pleasing to you, do a little arranging and possibly rearranging and then sew them all together in rows and then the rows together.  I did 6 blocks across by 7 down (42 blocks woo hoo!) 
 Here's a picture of the blocks all sewn together before I added the border.  I didn't have to do very much rearranging to make sure I had a good mix of color spread throughout the quilt.  I love it!

The quilt is a good size right now, but I love how my little border just framed it and added a little more size.  I used 1 7/8 yards of two pieces for my back, but I would really recommend just going with 4 yards.  It will make it easier for you and give your long arm quilter plenty to work with. 

Because I love this project so much and know you will too, I am offering 10% off layer cakes through Friday, March 21, 2014.   That makes them $29.03 -- and that's a steal if you ask me!  So to go my etsy shop and have fun selecting!  All you need to do is pick a designer or something in a style/color you know you like and you will love it -- I PROMISE!!

One of my quilring friends I have a dear friend who asked me if this would work with a charm pack -- I believe it would and I'm going to try it out ... I will let you know if it's a yay or nay in a few days.

Have fun sewing and if you happen to make a Double Slice quilt, please send me a picture I would love to share it!!!


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