Friday, January 8, 2016

Lil' Red

And so Lil' Red set off with her basket of goodies on her way to Grandmother's house, but who should she happen to meet in the woods?  Why the Big Bad Wolf of course!  Meet Lil' Red - Stacy Iest Hsu's first  -- and certainly not last -- fabric line for Moda.

This fabric depicts it all.  From Lil' Red, Grandmother's House, the Big Bad Wolf, whimsical trees, tulips and flowers, down to the mushrooms and blades of grass. 

And if the prints aren't cute as can be, there's this darling panel.  How sweet to have your own Lil' Red doll (complete with cape), matching blanket, pillow and even a big bad wolf??

This really is one of the sweetest lines, and what a story it has to tell.  Remember it's new to the shop and new means -- Precuts and yardage at a discounted rate for ONE WEEK from Friday, January 8th through the 15th.  See that little button over there at the top right of where you are reading that says "My Etsy Shop"? Well, click on it and pick up yours while there is still some to be had.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Newsworthy for 2016

I hope you are all sitting down when you ready this post (mostly so you don't faint from the shock of seeing me post on my blog)!  I often think of things I want to write and don't find or make the time.  This year I WILL DO IT!!

 Lots of new happenings including weekly specials, flash sales, fabric destashing (shop and my own personal stash) and new fabric lines discounted. I also have shop hours now if you want to come in person.  Below are more detailed descriptions of the new happenings.

Weekly Specials.  Each week I will be choosing fabric, precuts, fabric lines, notions, patterns, kits, etc. and will be offering those items at a discounted price.   Whether you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or here, you will see a photo come up with the caption "Weekly Special".  You can visit my Etsy shop, search for "Into The Woods" (or whatever the weekly special is) and see the reflected discounts.  At the end of that week the prices will change.  For example:  The week of January 4, 2016, the following special is in place.

"Into the Woods" by Lella Boutique

Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls $23.95
Remaining yardage in shop is $6.50 per yard

Flash Sales.  I will have random flash sales that may only last a day or two, there won't be much notice, and it will be an opportunity to purchase items at a discount for a short period of time.  As a heads up this time I will hold a flash sale on Wednesday, January 13, 2015 so keep your eyes and ears open.  

Fabric Destashing.  If you follow me on Instagram you have seen a little bit of fabric destashing going on.  I will be selling some of my own personal stash this year.  I have way too much and know that there is never going to be enough time to sit and sew everything I would love to.  I will also be selling more scrap bags, end of bolt bundles, items that are purchased on sale which I can pass on to you at a great price, etc.  (Free Spirit fabrics are a good example of this as I have several in the shop for $5.00 per yard).  The best way to see these items is to follow me on Instagram.  These sales will remain in effect until the items are gone at which time the post will be deleted

Discounted fabric lines.  I'm saving what I think is the best news for last.  With each new fabric line that comes in beginning the day it arrives, I will be offering a discount on yardage and precuts for ONE WEEK.  (You are likely to see yardage discounted $.50 per yard from my regular price, layer cakes and jelly rolls marked down $1.00 each, and fat quarter and fat eighth bundles discounted).   I will be blogging about fabric lines, precuts, items I have ordered here.  In addition, in my Etsy shop I will keep a thorough list of the fabric lines and designers and the months the items are expected to arrive.  This will help you "plan ahead" if you want to receive the discount.  Rules are ... the day the fabric arrives the special starts.  One week later regular prices will be in effect. Watch for the following:


"Strawberry Fields Revised" by Fig Tree & Co.

Yardage $8.00 per yard
Layer Cakes $26.95
Jelly Rolls $26.95
Charm Packs $7.85
Mini Charms $3.10
Fat Quarter Bundles $105.00
Fat Eighth Bundles $55.00

Shop Hours.  The shop is now open Wednesday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m.  It's a great way to come browse in person, visit, and save a few dollars.  I have lots of items in the shop that aren't online (i.e. patterns, fat quarters, fat eighths, even some yardage).  You are also welcome to order online and send me a note you want to pick up and shipping will be refunded to you. 
Rules: If you purchase on Etsy shipping overages over $1.00 will be refunded (the postal service is increasing shipping prices again on January 17th).  If you are sent a paypal invoice, please pay promptly so that others will be able to purchase items and not have to wait to see if they are available.   Once the sale is over, regular prices will go into effect.

I know this is a lot to take in and I hope you bear with me while I incorporate all of these changes.  I think you will find it fun. 

Happy New Year! and more importantly Happy Sewing!