Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jelly Roll Quilts

Recently Olie taught a demonstrating on a quick method for sewing jelly rolls.  The results are amazing and it looks like you spent hours (or months and years) putting the blocks together.  I have had the opportunity to quilt a few of these and wanted to share some photos. Rather than do overall quilting I wanted to "define" the blocks so I tried to do something unique in each one.  The Posh Pumpkin by Moda had a double square so I did a different design in each one -- the customer said it reminded her of turkey feathers so for being a fall quilt that works ....
Posh Pumpkin (front)

Posh Pumpkin (back)
I got to piece this one together -- we all know how much I love a pieced back!

This runner was made from Avignon by Riley Blake.  I did something very similar but it had a totally different look with the fabric, I spiraled the center to make the feathered wreath look like more of a flower and can I just say I am in love with how the back looks now that it's finished!

Avignon (front)

Avignon (back)
I absolutely love how the design looks on the solid fabric and it created so much texture

Too Cute to Spook (front)
Notice the funky designs

Too Cute To Spook (back)

Too Cute To Spook by Riley Blake needed something funky on it, I quilted spider webs, lines and zig zags and Olie loved it.  She sewed this one up to use for a shop sample.  When I asked her if she wanted to sell it she was quick to respond "NO"!  Sorry ladies she will be keeping it and you will have to make one of your own -- and yes in case you are wondering we do sell some of our samples ;o) 

We still have some of these jelly rolls available in our shop if you would like, and many more, if you would like to give this method a try.  Who doesn't want a new table runner/topper or even a bed runner made from something fun?  Halloween is around the corner and I can feel fall in the air -- thinking I should be doing some decorating!

Happy Sewing ...


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