Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nested Owl meets Wildflowers

This cute (and very long) table runner was a special order.  It was made using "Nested Owl Charcoal" and "Wildflowers" combined lines of fabric by Adorn It.  They are perfect together.  I love it when fabric lines are so versatile and interact so well together.  Two charm packs were combined, and sewn together.  Easy  peasy (love that term) and oh sooo cute! 


The backing is Sunshine Word Play and the binding is Blue Grid Dot both by Adorn It.

Loving these fabrics.  Olie and I are working on sewing up a Chevron quilt with flowers using some of these fabrics to share with you (we have kits)! 


  1. That is so cute! You truly have a gift and eye for putting patterns/colors together. Can't wait to see how the Chevron quilt turns out....and would love a kit ;)

    1. Thank you for your compliment. What is the best way of getting you a kit? Please let me know and we will work something out. We started sewing it this week and it is darling.

    2. I usually go out to my parents every weekend....Richard and Diana Barney. I could swing by and pick up a kit....and check out the rest of your fabrics/kits :) I've been wanting to stop by when I'm out, but by the time I remember it is either later or we are in the middle of something, dang it all! I saw the pics of the chevron quilt and it is adorable. Do you have the Chevron kits in other fabric lines as well? Just wondering, cause I have a little 18month old boy and not sure he's all about flowers LOL. If not, that's fine cause I think I could use a quilt for myself anyway :)

  2. That would be great, you are welcome to stop by any time. The Chevy Daze pattern just uses 8 fat quarters and some yardage for some borders. I can also help you put something together if you see something you like, I don't have lots of kits, but we do have lots of bundles put together for baby quilts. I will also be putting together a log cabin quilt that would be perfect for a toddler/child.