Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Shelley Library Quilt Show

We made it through our presentation at the Shelley Library Quilt Show tonight!  Kudos to Terry Anderson for organizing such a wonderful event.  It was amazing to look at all of the quilts on display, some of them antique, and ranging from beginners to advanced quilters!  My favorite part was Kim Diehl's trunk show.  I love her fabric and designs -- maybe that is why we ordered her whole line of Vintage Farmhouse and her Simple What Nots Club which will arrive in June (can hardly wait, especially after today) ;o)

We sold out of our Basix rulers, but they are being reordered and we will have them in a week.  If you didn't put your name on the list tonight, please e-mail me as soon as possible so we can get one in for you. 

On another note, we got a couple of darling little fobs in you can put on your keychains, rotary cutters, etc., they are a must see and must have!!! 

As many of you are aware, we have had a little bump in the road with our quilt shop and the following changes are taking place:  First of all, our physical shop will be closing after Friday, February 7th.  Our hours in the meantime will be this Wed. through Friday  from 12-6, Saturday 10 to 4:00, and the following week, Wednesday through Friday from 12-6.  We will continue to have items available through our online shop at or find us on Etsy at Olie & Evie.   The physical address for our shop is 3472 East 400 North, Lewisville, Idaho 83431. 

In the meantime, come by and see our cute little shop and take advantage of our great prices!  I think you might even find that we have a few items on clearance to save even more $$$$.

Any questions, please e-mail us at or give me a call or text at 801-828-8928.  Thanks for all of your support, we wish we could have met you all individually at the quilt show and hope to see you there again in the future!!!

Happy Quilting!


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